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A good hairbrush can be a game-changer if rightly selected and properly used. There are different types of hairbrushes but the selection should be as per need. 

Hair Detangler Brush

Tired of the fizzy hair? A regular comb might not be that supportive. Instead of that use a hair detangler brush to smoothen the tangled hair. Not limited to a specific hair category, they can go with any hair type.

Wet Hair Brush

Hairs are the most vulnerable when wet and so should be a hairbrush to easily comb them without the slightest hair damage. A wet hairbrush is aimed to work through the toughest knots of your hair. 

Shower Hair Brush

Ever wanted to work knots and air out the roots during having a shower? A shower hairbrush that is designed with wide-toothed bristles can be a great pick for hair conditioning purposes.

Cushion Brush

A cushion brush is designed for a massaging effect and stimulating hair growth. Along with that the best source of brushing out dandruff or any other toxicity that may stick to your hair and prevents its nourishment. 

Thermal Brush

Are you a frequent blow-dryer user and don’t know how to speed it up? Well, a thermal brush can do the job for you as it is round and it has a barrel material that conducts heat which is very helpful in drying. 

Tiny Boar Bristle Brush

Being capable of their redistribution of the natural oils in the scalp is what makes them popular. To get smooth and shiny locks, a tiny boar bristle brush can benefit all types of hair but especially thinning or aging hair. 

Nylon Bristle Brush

Thick hair usually ends up as tangled and fizzy hair. A nylon bristle brush is best for detangling the hair and when combined with boars’ hair then it can give a natural shine along. 

Curved Brush

Curved brushes are considered best to dry the hair quickly. Because of being light weighted, they are convenient for traveling or gym. They can set your hair in shape in no time. 

Rat Tail Brush

Rattail brushes with their thin and pointy stem are frequently used while styling as it is best for separating and lifting sections to give more volume to the hair. 

Wide-tooth comb

The wide-tooth comb has thick teeth with wide space having in between. It is quite useful for curly or thick wet hair to avoid hair falling or damaging. It is best when used after a shower as there are fewer chances of hair fall with a wide-tooth comb. 

Straightening Brush

A combination of both a paddle brush and a hot iron aimed for smoothing and straightening. They are also considered to be less damaging than regular hot iron. 

Smoothing Brush

Smoothing brushes are best for sleek hairstyles as they help you to get rid of the irritating bumps in your ponytail or bun. Their soft boar or nylon bristles help to get a smoother hairstyle.

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